• Attachable Lens-Style Cameras

    Attachable Lens-Style Cameras

    Ohh snap, Sony just announced a snazzy pair of smart lens-style cameras & I’m totally sporting some techy-wood. They’re essentially cameras without bodies, which can then be attached to your smart phone. So, it doesn’t enhance your phone’s camera, it pretty much replaces it. “With a distinct lens-style shape, the new cameras utilize the latest version […]

  • Spicy Lebanese

    Spicy Lebanese

    While chugging down some much needed booze at one of my “go to” watering holes, I met up with a group of dear friends & trusted consiglieres. Among the group was… Well, although he may not give two shits whether I use his real name, I’ll just refer to him as François. It had been […]

  • Very Berry Summer

    Very Berry Summer

    Just got off work and I assume my instinctual routine of packing a bowl of some sweet delicious cheeba. Normally I don’t give much thought to this process, but for the sake of sharing it with you good folks. I typically like to maintain a robust selection of strains, (“variety is the spice” & what […]


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